Sunday, September 21, 2008

The proper way to Tweet

I picked three different Twitters at random - Blake's, Cory's, and Steven's. Blake is the only one who actually had all three 1-2-3 filing assignments done, so I'll start with one of his I liked.
His headline, "Towson goes green this semester," is somewhat misleading to the story. It doesn't mention the recycling plan, which is the main focus of the story. It also can be read as Towson University implimenting a green plan starting this semester, where in fact the school has had its "Go Green" iniative going for quite some time.
Blake's Twitter.

Steven's headline, "Higher education receives budget cut; Towson affected," is an excellent example. It shows the main focus of the story - how the University System of Maryland is dealing with a budget crisis - while immediately relating it to the people reading it (Towson University students).
Steven's Twitter.

Cory also had a good headline for the same story, which was "Budget cuts lead to hiring freeze at Towson University." It's a standard news lead and jumps straight to the point, which is that Towson is a part of the system-wide hiring freeze.
These, and other student Twitter headlines, are a good way to get attention to a story that may need it.
Cory's Twitter.

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