Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog post #2

So, that mobile journalism kit that guy Jared has - pretty neat. I can't say I have one of my own yet, but I'm working on it. Here's what I have so far:

The Wii and Teddy Roosevelt doll and the bank are to be ignored. I've got my laptop, my camera (well, the case to it, anyway), my notebook, and my trusty old minicasette recorder. I know I should upgrade to a digital recorder but I'm terribly attached to the one I have now. It was first used when I interviewed Chad Cordero! And I love Chad Cordero.

As far as the Elements of Style book goes (which I don't think we ever looked at in my high school journalism class, but that period was a joke anyway. Three years of awesome naptime. And I got screwed out of an editorial position my senior year. Still bitter about that. Look at how long this tangent has gone on inside these parentheses! It's not right)...

To me, it means he's on top of what he's doing at all times. I'd probably carry one around with me if I had a copy, but I don't. If I did, I'd be able to check my writing for any style mistakes and be able to reference the book if I had a question about something. It's better to do that than to send in a work to the editor and then get yelled at about your 29 different style mistakes in a 600-word piece.

Now, for those portfolios we looked at in class:

I chose John D. Sutter's page (because I closed my eyes and scrolled really fast and he's the one I clicked on). He works at the Oaklahoman and his website is
His resume lists a lot of writing and print-related journalism, so I didn't really peg him for a photo guy. Then I looked at his multimedia page and found all of his photos. So here's a neat little bulleted list of what I think would be in his own reporting kit:
-Laptop (for typing up articles, of course)
-Sound recorder (For interviews. Probably something of higher quality.)
-Notebook (for note-y type things)
-Pens, pencils, etc.
-AP style guide (everybody needs one)
-Camera (likely a high-quality digital or film camera... more likely digital)
-Possibly a video recorder, though a lot of digital cameras have video capabilities built in, so that's possible too.

I'm terribly uncreative and I can't think of anything else. Sorry.


DanielGross said...

Good choice of journalist in this blog post. It seems like this person is a well-rounded individual.

DanielGross said...

P.S. I believe the assignment called for us to post a number of links on our post to show where we pulled our information from.