Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inverting in The Sun

Documents suggest police spying earlier than stated

This story is definitely an example of the inverted pyramid structure. It begins with the most important information, adds more details and then ends with other information (human interest, etc.) that adds to the story but isn't necessary to get the core of the story across.
The lead of the article contains all of the most important facts - the who, the what, the when and the where are all there, as well as a big hook. The main body of the story goes into how people and businesses have been investigating into the police force as to whether or not they have been spied on or under surviellance. As the story goes on the audience gets to read some of the more specific details such as what the actual e-mail exchanges were like. The story ends with more specifics about what's going on with the case that help follow up on the main point of the article.

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