Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Energy activism

I've chosen to do more of a feature story for Multimedia Story #2. The Towson Energy Activists (TEA) will be my subject - one of my friends at The Towerlight is a member and she'll be my source for the other sources (if that makes sense). I'll be talking to various people involved with the group in order to spotlight TEA.
As far as questions, I'll be talking to the TEA members about their positions and stances, what they think the Universty is doing well and what they could improve on to really go green, if they have any upcoming events, etc.
Photo opportunities would probably be shots of them at their meeting or at an event (if they have one soon). Audio opportunities would include mostly interviews, hopefully with some of the higher-ups in the organization.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Go Go Power Rangercast

My associate, Tyler Waldman, runs a podcast called "Rangercast" which revolves around discussion and analysis of Tokusatsu and Sentai (more commonly known in the United States as Power Rangers).

His website is a blog of podcasts and YouTube videos. Practically the entire website is audio files, but it's pulled off well. Listeners can download episodes or listen to them straight from the website after reading a quick text summary of what each episode is about. I'd like to see more blog posts and text instead of just audio, however.

(PS: I know I posted it late - totally slipped my mind.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prowling for Tigers

What I tried to do with the shot of the Tiger statue was to make it look as alive as I possibly could. By getting down in the reeds, I was able to get an angle to make it look - at least I hope the readers get this impression - as if it is roaring while out on the hunt.

Blake's mugshot is the result of my trying to get a very casual, candid shot of him. I'm pleased with the result; he looks very focused on the photo he's taking.

Cutline: Leaves on the trees turn a golden color to match the Tiger footprints seen around Towson University. Students have recently been seen sporting heavier clothing, such as sweaters and hoodies, to adapt to the cooler weather.

How to improve:
There is always room for improvement. I need to try to use some of the rules of photography, such as the rule of thirds, as well as trying to fill more of the frame with a single focus. I also wish I had a steadier hand so that my photos would be a little crisper - I turned off the flash so that I could use the natural light (and so the subjects wouldnt look like they were on the surface of the sun) but as a result, they came out a little bit fuzzy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

At least I won't have to sing...

I've chosen to cover the "Karaoke for a Cause" event, being held in Paws on Nov. 6. From what I can gather from the posting in the Daily Digest, it should be your standard karaoke party. The organizers for the event added a twist - you can be kicked off the stage if people in the audience don't think you're doing the song justice. It costs money to both sing and get someone to stop singing, so all of the proceeds are going to the Arc of Baltimore.
An e-mail was listed at the end of the post, so I will likely be contacting her as my main source of information. As far as other sources, I may contact Arc of Baltimore or see if there's a representative there at the event. I'll also be chatting with some of the participants at the event to see what they think about it.
Questions will include why the event was held, why the proceeds are going to Arc of Baltimore, why they chose to do a karaoke event as opposed to something else, etc.
Photos will probably be crowd reactions to the people singing as well as the people singing themselves.