Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prowling for Tigers

What I tried to do with the shot of the Tiger statue was to make it look as alive as I possibly could. By getting down in the reeds, I was able to get an angle to make it look - at least I hope the readers get this impression - as if it is roaring while out on the hunt.

Blake's mugshot is the result of my trying to get a very casual, candid shot of him. I'm pleased with the result; he looks very focused on the photo he's taking.

Cutline: Leaves on the trees turn a golden color to match the Tiger footprints seen around Towson University. Students have recently been seen sporting heavier clothing, such as sweaters and hoodies, to adapt to the cooler weather.

How to improve:
There is always room for improvement. I need to try to use some of the rules of photography, such as the rule of thirds, as well as trying to fill more of the frame with a single focus. I also wish I had a steadier hand so that my photos would be a little crisper - I turned off the flash so that I could use the natural light (and so the subjects wouldnt look like they were on the surface of the sun) but as a result, they came out a little bit fuzzy.

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DanielGross said...

Good colors in the third photo.