Saturday, February 7, 2009

The nerdiest beat you'll ever see

My beat can be summed up pretty much in one word: nerd.

Seeing as I am one myself (it's a severe case) and I know about the culture surrounding it, I figured it'd be the best beat I could do that wasn't baseball. Topics that will be discussed and covered will include anime, cosplay, video games, model building and more. This will give me a nice wide range of things to cover. The big event I'll actually be reporting on will be Katsucon, an anime convention in D.C. taking place Valentine's Day weekend.

Now I know what you're thinking.
"Oh jeez... anime. She must be one of those couch kids." or "Man, this girl must not get out at all, she must spend all of her time watching Japanese cartoons and playing video games."
No, I'm not a couch kid. Yes, I have a life. I also have a nice set of social skills.

To wrap things up, here's a photo of a model kit I constructed last semester:

The exact model is MS-14S Char Aznable Custom Gelgoog
I've made about a half-dozen of these kits. They take about three hours to build but they're nice to have around to build on a rainy day.

Next post: "Axis Powers Hetalia" anime canceled before it even airs.


jatwater said... the line about social skills. You can definitely let your personality shine through in these posts.

Blake Savadow said...

Very interesting Carrie. Sounds like you.