Monday, January 26, 2009

Who is Carrie Wood?

My name's Carrie Wood (you may already know this) and I'm currently the arts editor and baseball beat reporter for The Towerlight. I'm usually pretty busy during the semester because of this, especially Sundays and Wednesdays (production day). At first it was a little difficult to get used to, but I've gotten myself into a routine.

When I'm not writing or in class, I'm likely either at a sporting event of some kind or playing video games.
I've grown up around sports. Baseball is essentially my lifeblood, though I'm a pretty big Washington Capitals fan as well. Once the season starts, I'm at almost every Towson University baseball game up in the press box (which is fortunately fully enclosed and heated this year, woohoo!). I'm a bigger Nationals fan than I am an Orioles fan, but I like both teams and once the MLB season kicks off, I'm at a game - either in DC or in Baltimore - on average once a week.
Video games are something my parents tried to prevent from entering my life, but to no avail. Once Pokemon got popular when I was in fourth grade, there was no stopping me. I had my Game Boy Color and my copy of Pokemon Red and I was set. My addiction to Nintendo grew from there - I discovered The Legend of Zelda, then River City Ransom, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun... you get the gist. Unfortunately, I'm not the one with the tech/geek column at the paper, so I have no outlet to unleash my inner nerd rage when I need it.
To add to the whole nerd thing, I go to anime conventions and yes, I cosplay. Maybe I'll go more in-depth on that whole thing another time.

I hope to learn from this course the same skills I learned from 257, but more in-depth. Reporting and editing skills as well as all of the new media stuff - audio, video, photography - are all things I hope to gain. I'm taking three different mass communications courses this semester: this, news editing and sportswriting. Hopefully, after finishing all three, I'll be a much better journalist and editor.

I'm not sure what I want to be once I've graduated. If I can get a job at a newspaper, that'd be great, but I'll only take the job if I get to cover baseball. The guy who's in charge of marketing for the Nationals has apparently been following my work at the newspaper and is interested in having me work there (so I hear), so I'm actually going to start taking marketing classes next semester to make myself more market-able to him and the franchise. As long as I'm in baseball (the Nationals, especially), I'll be happy.

That's it for now. I hoped to be able to stretch this post out a lot more so that I wouldn't have to sit around for 50 minutes before my next class starts, but alas.

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Welcome back, Carrie!