Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Revisiting "Final Fantasy VII" again

Photo courtesy joystiq.com

As seen on the Anime News Network, yet another spin-off of the ever-popular PlayStation title "Final Fantasy VII" is going to get animated.

Weekly Famitsu confirmed that the novel, "On the Way to a Smile: Denzel" is going to get animated and ship as a supplement to the "Advent Children" Blu-Ray release. The story is part of a series of short novelettes written by Kazushige Nojima that follows the characters of "Final Fantasy VII" through the two years between the events of the video game and the events in "Advent Children."

The original video game was released for the PlayStation console in 1997. Eight years later, "Advent Children" was released in Japan, serving as a sequel to the original story. Though the movie received only an overall 40% rating on Rottentomatoes.com, it is a very popular film in its target demographic ("Final Fantasy" fans, mostly).

Other tie-ins are "Last Order: Final Fantasy VII," an Original Video Animation, and "Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII," a mix of scenes used from the video game, live action and CGI.

"On the Way to a Smile: Denzel" will be released with the Blu-Ray edition of "Advent Children" on April 16.

The reporter left out a lot on the original article. I'd have gotten quotes from a representative from Sony or even from fans, just to get someone else's words in the story. More information on the plot of both "Advent Children" and the "Denzel" anime would also be helpful, if that information is available.

Personally, I can't stand most of the "Final Fantasy" franchise. The only game ever worth playing was "IV" or maybe "VI." "Final Fantasy VII" is probably one of the most overrated games in the history of the world, but is treasured by a lot of people simply because it was one of the first decent role-playing games to be rendered in 3-D. The quality of the games has gone down ever since the release of "VII" and the fact that the writers have to keep going back to that game to make money only proves that fact.


The Tigers said...

my friends little brother only played final fantasy because of the cut scenes haha any game to me is automatically contrasted with the original ZELDAAAA

jatwater said...

Good article choice for your beat.